Rajasthani cuisine-royalty on a platter


Rajasthan, India’s biggest state oozes royalty. The terrain is dotted with palaces, forts that tell many a legend of valour & battles fought in the toughest of parched land. The multi-coloured state is the preferred destination of many travellers to India who never tire of its classic landscapes & magnetic ethnicity.

When it comes to cuisine, Rajasthan, offers a varied & gorgeous fare for the foodie in both, the vegetarian & non-vegetarian classes.

Many of the recipes are passed down from generation to generation. This is largely because many of the royal families had their own chefs,who passed on their special preparations only to their kith & kin. Many delicious preparations have been indeed lost in the exercise of these secret exchanges. Thankfully, though, what remains is rich enough to gratify the eager foodie even today.

Rajasthan has a variety of exotic meat preparations that forms the staple diet of the warrior Rajput community. Khud Khargosh (A kind of hare meat prepared in a pit) is dished out during the summers when the hare is lean. The preparation route is elaborate as the hare is cut & stuffed with spices wrapped with dough in various levels of mud cloth.

The Sula or tender meat is another preparation that is quite simply a fabled preparation. The much coveted Wild boar Sula is a special delicacy. The spare ribs of the creature (bhansalas) are every meat lovers dream- come-true.

Prepared by marinating the meat in a succulent mix of dry yogurt, browned onions, red chilli, coriander, garlic & the magic pod Kachri- the element that softens & tenderizes the meat & lends it the spiky- bitter flavour, the Sula is smoked & fitted onto skewers before hauling it over the coals to grill into the most mature meat preparation. Murg Mukam & Kabab’s are other mouth-watering delicacies from the land of warriors.

The Marwari’s, another leading community in Rajasthan are by & large vegetarian. Much of their food is as fiery as the non-vegetarian preparations of the Rajputs. The Marwari preparations are milk, butter milk & clarified butter based, given that water is a scarcity in the region. The chief preparations include Powdered & dry lentils, beans from native plants like Sangri,Kair & Gwarphali, wheat millet & corn flour is used to soften Rotis- anyways dripping with ghee.

The sun-dried delicacy Dal- Bhati-churma is a hot- favourite vegetable preparation that has won the hearts of many a food aficionado. The Rajasthani Kadhi, Ghatte ki Sabzi & Kheechra are some of the other vegetarian finger-licking delights you will love to have.

Broadly speaking, every region of Rajasthan has something savoury to offer. The Mawa Kachori of Jodhpur, the Mawa from Alwar, the Ghevar (A distant cousin of the jalebi) from Jaipur are some specialities that come to mind immediately.

Do not miss the Besan-chakki, Churma, Jhajariya, Bail-gatte,googri, nukhti,panch-koota & the special butter milk Dungari hui chach, to wash down the rich fare that we promise will tickle your taste buds like no other.

There is a lot to celebrate in the land of princes & any reason is good enough to dish out the lip-smacking fare that Rajasthan cuisine offers. Try it. You can never have enough & that’s a promise.


About Mother's Recipe

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