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Rajasthani cuisine-royalty on a platter


Rajasthan, India’s biggest state oozes royalty. The terrain is dotted with palaces, forts that tell many a legend of valour & battles fought in the toughest of parched land. The multi-coloured state is the preferred destination of many travellers to India who never tire of its classic landscapes & magnetic ethnicity.

When it comes to cuisine, Rajasthan, offers a varied & gorgeous fare for the foodie in both, the vegetarian & non-vegetarian classes.

Many of the recipes are passed down from generation to generation. This is largely because many of the royal families had their own chefs,who passed on their special preparations only to their kith & kin. Many delicious preparations have been indeed lost in the exercise of these secret exchanges. Thankfully, though, what remains is rich enough to gratify the eager foodie even today.

Rajasthan has a variety of exotic meat preparations that forms the staple diet of the warrior Rajput community. Khud Khargosh (A kind of hare meat prepared in a pit) is dished out during the summers when the hare is lean. The preparation route is elaborate as the hare is cut & stuffed with spices wrapped with dough in various levels of mud cloth.

The Sula or tender meat is another preparation that is quite simply a fabled preparation. The much coveted Wild boar Sula is a special delicacy. The spare ribs of the creature (bhansalas) are every meat lovers dream- come-true.

Prepared by marinating the meat in a succulent mix of dry yogurt, browned onions, red chilli, coriander, garlic & the magic pod Kachri- the element that softens & tenderizes the meat & lends it the spiky- bitter flavour, the Sula is smoked & fitted onto skewers before hauling it over the coals to grill into the most mature meat preparation. Murg Mukam & Kabab’s are other mouth-watering delicacies from the land of warriors.

The Marwari’s, another leading community in Rajasthan are by & large vegetarian. Much of their food is as fiery as the non-vegetarian preparations of the Rajputs. The Marwari preparations are milk, butter milk & clarified butter based, given that water is a scarcity in the region. The chief preparations include Powdered & dry lentils, beans from native plants like Sangri,Kair & Gwarphali, wheat millet & corn flour is used to soften Rotis- anyways dripping with ghee.

The sun-dried delicacy Dal- Bhati-churma is a hot- favourite vegetable preparation that has won the hearts of many a food aficionado. The Rajasthani Kadhi, Ghatte ki Sabzi & Kheechra are some of the other vegetarian finger-licking delights you will love to have.

Broadly speaking, every region of Rajasthan has something savoury to offer. The Mawa Kachori of Jodhpur, the Mawa from Alwar, the Ghevar (A distant cousin of the jalebi) from Jaipur are some specialities that come to mind immediately.

Do not miss the Besan-chakki, Churma, Jhajariya, Bail-gatte,googri, nukhti,panch-koota & the special butter milk Dungari hui chach, to wash down the rich fare that we promise will tickle your taste buds like no other.

There is a lot to celebrate in the land of princes & any reason is good enough to dish out the lip-smacking fare that Rajasthan cuisine offers. Try it. You can never have enough & that’s a promise.


Kashmir: Culture & Cuisine Divine


Kashmiri food, with its phenomenal range of dishes is the perfect menu for a sumptuous meal & a must have for all food lovers. The food that has been influenced by many cultures retains a charm & exotica few other cuisines can match. Taimur’s invasion of Kashmir also went a long way in setting the roots for the out of the ordinary Kashmiri delicacies.

Though there is an ample variety of vegetable fare the cuisine is inclined toward non-vegetarian. Mutton, is one of the chief ingredients of the Kashmiri appetite, with lots of varieties of mutton preparations. Some of the mutton delights include Kashmiri Mutton Masala, Yakhni (Kashmiri Mutton Curry), Mutton Kofta Curry, Mutton Do Piaza, Spicy Mutton Biryani…mouth-watering options all.

The typical Kashmiri vegetarian spread uses dollops of yogurt as a base while turmeric also find its way into most Kashmiri food. Some of the widely preferred vegetarian dishes include Dum Aloo, Rajma Goagji, Kashmiri Pulao,Veth Chaman (Cooked Paneer Slices).

The freezing climate has given life to a new breed of cooking based on dry vegetables. These recipes are made from vegetables that are preserved in pits after the summer harvest season. Some of the commonly consumed dry ( Hach) vegetables are the Aubergine (called Vangan Hach),Bottle Gourd (called Al Hach) Turnips (called Goagji Hach) & are relished even today long after technology has taken over & drying vegetables is passé. These preparations are mild subtle stews & poignant memoirs of Kashmiri cuisine.

Amongst the non-vegetarian preparations the Rogan Josh (Lamb curry), Gaustaba (Yogurt dipped meat balls),Yakhni ( Mutton Curry) are signature Kashmiri. The preparations are made in mustard oil & water to which a dash of red & green chillies allots a memorable tang.

Perhaps the most talked about feature of Kashmiri cuisine is the multi course meal Wazwan. This elaborate preparation has no less than- hold your breath- more than 30exquisite meat based recipes. At the helm of affairs is the, Vasta Waza, or the head chef supported by his team. Much in demand during the festive season, the Wazwan is incomplete without the Methi Qeema, Jigar or Kalejey, Pasanda to name a few of the preparations. We suggest, you rather go easy on the drool with these and other Wazwan preparations.

For you to savour are the evergreen desserts after your long main course are the Phirni, Sevaiyyan, Shakar Pareh,Panjjeri, Kasar. You could also have a swig of the unique “Noon Chai” or any of the varieties of Kawah a green tea made with saffron, spices, walnuts & almonds. Wrap up your weekends with the fascinating Kashmiri fare to soak in the pleasures of extravagant indulgence, you will love to go over more & more.

Punjabi Tadka: A Treat Like No Other


Food, Fun & Punjab are synonymous. The Lassi, the Tandoori chicken, the Makke di roti , Sarson ka Saag are contours of the colourful, appetizing landscape of Punjab. This cuisine has gone on to capture hearts & minds across the globe, besides being a local favourite in India.

The sunshine state of Punjab is known for the extravagant colourful tastes of its people. Punjabi food, with its wide range of mouth watering delicacies is a favourite cuisine of food lovers across the world.

Restaurants serving authentic Punjabi cuisine have been mushrooming all over & have patrons eating out of their hands. This begs the question- what is it about Punjabi food that makes it all the rage it is?

The answers are manifold- besides the yummy factor. Modern Anglo-Indian cuisine has its basis in Punjabi food-what with the Tandoor, Pakora, Naan & preparations like the Palak Paneerall emanating from the state.This has given Punjabi food the tonic, the wide spectrum & the glory it has garnered over the years.

The vegetarian Punjabi delicacies include the rich & creamy Dal Makhani, the spicy Dal Amritsari, Chooley which when combined with the Bature will turn on the culinary magic. The succulent, Paneer Akhtari Kebab, will keep you returning for more.

Amongst the non-vegetarian choices Chicken Tikka, Butter Chicken,Fish tikka, Fish Pakoda are un-missable. It is a testimony of the popularity of Punjabi food that the Tandoori Chicken & the Chicken Tikka Masala & the Butter chicken are perhaps the most popular preparation amongst the British population.

It is usually believed that what is healthy is not tasty & vice-versa-more so when it comes to food from Punjab. Well, let’s get this fairy tale out of the way, because very tasty Punjabi food can be conjured with low-oil & ghee. Most Punjabi households use refined oil unlike restaurants that are wont to be liberal with their ghee & butter potions.

The main masala in a Punjabi preparation is made from onion, garlic & ginger. The culture that gave us the ubiquitous Dhaba, the eating place dotting all of India underlines the importance of the food in the life of Punjab.

The state is also home to some of the most out of the ordinary sherbets from Jalandhar, Patiala, & Ludhiana. Above all, the food from every region of Punjab is remarkably different from the other adding to the variety & folklore.

Do you really need a special invite to indulge in this out-and-out spectacular Punjab treat?

Biryani: A Sumptuous Treat


If there is one rice based delicacy that comes on top of the preferential list for foodies in the South Asian communities across the world then it is without doubt the Biryani. The popularity of the ubiquitous Biryani makes it serving almost mandatory in feasts & on special occasions.

So powerful is the impact of this delicacy that there is little else that catches the attention of the gourmet reveller once he gets a whiff of the emanating Biryani aroma. This magnificent delicacy first graced the kitchens of the Muslim Royalty & gradually became a part of the bourgeois life, where it has come to stay.

The Biryani, is a rice preparation with spices that uses Meat, Fish, Egg & also Vegetables as main ingredients. It has a slew of local variables. A Biryani preparation made in one way can be completely different from any other, made anywhere. This adaptability is what has seen the Biryani spread through many regions & countries with each having its own delightful version.

The state of Hyderabad is readily mentioned in most Menu Cards of restaurants & eating house across the world thanks to the famous Hyderabadi Biryani. Both the Kacchi & the Pakki Biryani from the state are devoured without much delay.

The Biryani preparation is a process that is unlike any other. The rice & the thick sauce consisting of the vegetables or the fish are prepared separately & then brought together. The unflavoured rice & the deeply flavoured sauce make for a succulent treat.

The Biryani can be had with Dahi Chutney,Mirchi Salan or the lip-smacking salad made from onion, carrot, cucumber & a dash of lemon.

Mother’s Recipe offers Ready to cook mixes of Chicken Biryani & Vegetable Biryani that are just as good as any you will have. The Chicken Biryani comes in packages of 100gms & serves four guests.

The Vegetable Biryani from Mother’s Recipe comes in packages of 75 gms& serves four guests.

Needless to say, that the preparations are made under the best of hygienic standards, are highly enjoyable & have that quintessential mothers touch.

Why not call your friends for a Biryani Party today? They will love it as much as you do… & that’s a promise.

The Great Indian Curry


The word Curry, has its roots in the Tamil word Kari (meaning Sauce) which literally means a vegetable or a meat preparation without gravy.

There was a wide spread belief that Indian food is all curry & little else. Well, if you fell for that dictum then you will have to broaden your geography today, because seeping from the Indian kitchens the curry has infiltrated the world & is a much-in-demand delicacy all over. Not only the subcontinent but the likes of Europe, Asia, & Africa have accepted the curry whole-heartedly & cannot seem to have enough of it.

So much so is the curry an integral part of world cuisine that today each country or culture has a curry delight that they relish at all times. In fact, there is a curry culture across the globe with restaurants serving a plethora of curries to satisfy different palates.

Britain is extremely proud of its Curries which it claims to have formulated over the years. The impact of the curry culture in Britain is palpable. The Brits treat the “Chicken Tikka Masala” as their own true national dish. Readily available in public restaurants, even the intercity trains of Britain have Chicken Tikka masala as topping for Pizza & other food items.

In India, every region has a different curry unique & distinctive in taste & flavour. The taste of curries varies from spicy to mild- spicy & can be consumed with Chapati or Rice. This facility of combining with both Chapatti & Rice gives the curry a ubiquitous presence in all the regions of India.

Interestingly though, so exotic is the basic curry concept that even within the same state one curry preparation is radically different from the other for eg, an Andhra Curry is nothing like a Telangana curry though both are from Andhra Pradesh.

Vegetable curries are as many as the mind can conjure. A change of spice makes the curry unlike any other. Indeed the curry is a versatile preparation that goes well with vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food.

Mother’s Recipe offers some of the finest ready to cook curry delights that you will love to have. Our curry mixes include the Lamb Curry, Fish Curry, Mutton Curry, Chicken Curry & Sprouted Curry Gravy Mix. Each preparation is made with the finest ingredients maintaining the highest standards of quality, hygiene & the mother’s caring touch.

For a preparation that had its humble origins in the Indian kitchens the curry has indeed come a long way. How about becoming a member of the international curry fan club? …We all are, anyways. Aren’t we?

Mother’s Recipe offers some of the finest ready to cook curry delights that you will love to have. Our curry mixes include the Lamb Curry, Fish Curry, Mutton Curry, Chicken Curry & Sprouted Curry Gravy Mix. Each preparation is made with the finest ingredients maintaining the highest standards of quality, hygiene & the mother’s caring touch.

Butter Chicken: Punjab on a Platter


It’s like the invitation for a no holds barred sumptuous treat, ‘Butter Chicken’. The name spells taste & needs no introduction; it is easily one of the most loved Indian preparations everywhere. Hop in to any Indian restaurant & it is almost a given that Butter chicken will be the first preference of families eating out.

Usually, the credit for creating a preparation is lost in the maze of time & taste, but here, in the case of Butter Chicken there is one man who got his due credit for his famous creation, the hotelier Kundan Lal Gujral. Mr Gujral ran Moti Mahal Deluxe, in Delhi where the first butter chicken was dished out- to set off a frenzied signal to all chicken lovers who couldn’t have enough of this delightful recipe.The global approval of the Butter Chicken, a Punjabi preparation, can be gauged from the fact that celebrities like film-star Brad Pitt swear by it.

Butter Chicken can be eaten with a variety of breads like the Naan, Roti, Parathas or even steamed rice to make it a delight multiple times over.

As is the norm, Mother’s Recipe, offers some of the best Ready To Cook Mixes available & our Butter Chicken Mix is right there. Mother’s Recipe’s Butter Chicken Mix is made from the freshest ingredients, fragrant spices & the unmistakable mothers feel. The highest standards of hygiene are maintained in the preparation & no added sugars are used in the making to make it both a foodies & a health freaks pleasure.

The mix is available in 80 gm packets & is as easy to cook as it is to devour- No holds barred!

Indian Food Myths & Reality


With the world getting more & more conscious about food safety & health food many anxiety prone cultures tend to look down upon the eating habits of other cultures. The Indian food is no exception to this malaise. These myths gather wind by word of mouth, but can be easily debunked with facts that prove otherwise.

Some of these myths include sweeping statements like, “All Indian food is vegetarian”. Nothing can be further from the truth as Indian cuisine is one of the few that has a wide array of vegetable & non-vegetable preparations.

There are those who say that,”Indian food is fat & unhealthy”. In fact, you could do away with all the cream & replace it with yoghurt if you really want to cut the flab. You could also steam, grill the ingredients used in Indian cooking. Spices like Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric & Chillies used in Indian cooking are fresh & have medicinal qualities.

Some ignoramuses also aver, “Cooking Indian dishes takes forever”. This is another fairy story associated with Indian food. The truth is that it is as easy or as complex to make Indian food as any other type of food.

“Curry powder lurks in every Indian preparation”-yet another parable. Simply put this is a misunderstanding. Curry powder in India means, Garam Masala, a mix of various homemade spices & not curries as believed.

How can such a vast country have little variety in their food?- as is perceived wide of the mark. Look around, every region of India has its own cuisine that is unique & wholesome.

Mothers Recipe leads the pack with some of the most enjoyable & popular Indian preparations offered in various packages. The products include Pickles, Pastes, Papad, Appalam, & some appetizing RTC mixes that are made with the affection that pervades every Mothers Recipe preparation.

It is time to wake up & smell the coffee folks. There is a lot more to Indian food than mere curry.