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Tamil Cuisine: Health & Taste In Perfect Harmony


Idli,Dosai, Uthappam,Sambhar,Rasam are the common refrains emanating from the spic & span kitchens of Tamilnadu that have now come to echo in every town & city of India. All 3 are the most well-liked preparations as they offer a healthy & tasty option compared to those available. What goes in their favour is also the fact that they are easy to dish out & do not require any elaborate pre-preparation methods. Many restaurants have made their fortunes catering to food lovers who cannot seem to have enough of their fill.

Tamil cuisine is one of the earliest cuisines that took shape in India. Modern Tamil cuisine is a combination of Srilankan & Tamil methods of preparation. Both vegetarian & non-vegetarian delicacies are a part of the cuisine, but it is generally accepted that vegetarian food is preferred over the non-vegetarian variety.

Rice, lentils & legumes are the staple ingredients of Tamilian cuisine while the use of aromatic spices gives it a distinctive flavour. It is notable that food served during feasts & festivals is prepared in the same manner as it was centuries ago adhering to the traditional methods of cooking.

Chicken, Fish & Chevon are served largely in the Madurai region of Tamilnadu while Kola Urundai (a meat preparation from the western Kongu region) is something you will gorge on.

The hot & spicy Chettinad non-vegetarian cuisine has a huge following in the country, with its mouth-watering mutton, chicken & fish preparations. The Chettinad Pepper chicken is irresistible much to the delight of the carnivores

 Some of the most admired Tamilian dishes are the Medu vada (doughnuts made from lentils), Pongal (a scrumptious mix of lentils & rice boiled with pepper, cumin seed , ghee & cashewnuts) , Uppuma ( semolina in oil with pepper, mustard ,dry lentils & cumin seeds ). Most of the dishes in Tamil Nadu are eaten with coconut chutney, Sambar (seasoned lentil broth).

Indulge & discover the health & tasty way of living with Tamil cuisine. Bon Vivant!